Brewer keeps vow to help his high school

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This is not a political story, but an activism story well worth sharing:

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask.

This is the lesson Ally Jeffers learned last May as a freshman at Watkins Memorial High School in Pataskala, Ohio, according to a report by Eric Lyttle in The Columbus Dispatch. Fearing that a school levy would fail and cut funding for the band, she searched for ways to help. Learning that Greg Koch, the CEO of Stone Brewing Company in Escondido, California, was a Watkins alumnus, she wrote him a letter asking for a donation to help save the band. In her plea, she noted how she had been bullied as a child, but found “friendship and belonging” in the band program.

Mr. Koch surprised her with his reply: “I am not only touched by your letter but also very impressed by your drive, your thoughtfulness, and your indomitable spirit.” He also said that he was an outcast in high school.

Even mstone pataskala redore surprising was what he did next. He gave the school $1,000 and promised that if the community passed the levy, he would brew a specialty beer to support the cause.

They did, and he did. On September 16, he tapped the first keg of Stone Pataskala Red X IPA at a bar in his hometown. All proceeds from sale of the beer went to support the Watkins Memorial band, theater, and arts programs.

The beer will be made available to the general public worldwide January 31.

What can you do?

Who can you ask to help you solve a problem in your community?

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