Harold Thomas named columnist for Ohio Chinese-American News

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in News | 0 comments

Three years ago, the Ohio Chinese-American News published an article describing the A Bit Political concept.

Following discussions with its editor, Jung Jing, we are pleased to announce that beginning today, A Bit Political will have a regular column in the Ohio Chinese-American News. The articles, like this website, will encourage members of the Chinese- and Taiwanese-American communities to become more involved politically, but will endeavor to meet the needs of immigrant Americans.

The first column, entitled “Writing Political Letters That Get Read,” appears in today’s edition. Since the publication is print-only, we have reproduced the article on our website. We look forward to serving Chinese-, Taiwanese-, and other Americans in this newspaper.

Know a publication that could use columns from A Bit Political? Contact us for more information.

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