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What is freedom like? Really like? Strange to say, most Americans do not really know. In the last hundred years, the system designed by the Founding Fathers has turned into a state that regulates every aspect of our lives.

In Governing Ourselves, Harold Thomas offers a hopeful vision of Americans living in the country the Founding Fathers meant for us to have, but he does not stop there. He provides a readable primer on the basic concepts of freedom, economics, rule of law, and the institutions that support a free society; and suggests the changes we need to make to achieve it.

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What others say about Governing Ourselves:

Gov­ern­ing Our­selves is a fine intro­duc­tion to the lib­er­tar­ian idea of self-​​governance. While there are more lengthy and in-​​depth trea­tises on the sub­ject, Thomas is aim­ing to per­suade the novice. But by mak­ing spe­cific pol­icy pro­pos­als, Thomas’s work is a chal­lenge to well-​​versed lib­er­tar­i­ans as well, who will undoubt­edly agree with some sug­ges­tions and dis­agree with oth­ers. It is intended to be the begin­ning of a con­ver­sa­tion, not the end, and it is a con­ver­sa­tion well worth having.”

              – Ted Lacksonen, author of The Eagle Has Crashed

“Governing Ourselves is a useful polemic stressing a Christian libertarian approach to government. It addresses many potential objections to downsized government. We’ve all encountered critics who claim that without the federal government, many social goods will vanish. Thomas argues that equal opportunity, ensuring the quality of food and drugs, and the threat of terrorism can be better addressed at the local level.

“Governing Ourselves is a practical introduction to the local and state sovereignty movement, providing theoretical background from mostly familiar sources, such as the Founders. Harold Thomas has given us a highly readable and useful resource for liberty activists.”

              — Mike Tuggle, author of Confederates in the Boardroom

“Harold D. Thomas has a good grip on politics and the times, as well as how the Constitution is supposed to work. He shares his thoughts and ideas in an educated manner.

In Governing Ourselves you’ll find out what the Libertarian movement is about and why it’s needed.

There’s so much controversy over the political climate today, and most people don’t understand how far America is from where it began, where it should be.

The United States has strayed far from what was intended by th– e Founding Fathers for our people.

This book will open the eyes of the reader to the problems, and give them practical solutions as to how to get the government back to where it needs to be.

But, at the same time, this book does not tell the reader what to think, but shares different thoughts and options.

I found the book enlightening, educational, and hopeful for a secure future that could be for America if we understand what’s going on and pay more attention to politics in an open minded way.”

— Rebecca Besser, author of horror fiction