Do you feel torn between two or more ways to get involved? Or maybe you know what you would like to do, but need help with the how. Here are 3 ways to get help, from free to fee:


1.    FREE Online Consulting

with Political Expert Harold Thomas

There is a special area on this website where you can post questions for Harold and work with him one-on-one as your personal political guru. You can ask him anything about what would work for you, what are the pitfalls, or where and how to get started. There is no charge to post questions. Click here to post your first question and get the benefit of Harold’s experience.


2.    Schedule an Introductory Consulting Call

with Political Expert Harold Thomas

Maybe it’s just too much (or too personal) to write a question online. You need to talk with someone. No problem. You can schedule a one-hour consulting call with Harold by phone or by Skype. This is a one-time-only offer. Before your call, Harold will send you a detailed questionnaire about your ideas and plans. Click here to learn more about scheduling an introductory political consulting call with Harold Thomas.


3.    Apply for a Political Consulting Program

with Political Expert Harold Thomas

Okay, you’re more than a bit political. You want to put together a local campaign to pass your issue or get yourself or a friend elected to office; or to persuade your council members or state legislators to take action on an issue that is important to you. Harold works with a small number of clients at all levels of experience to help you get your campaign up and running.


Please note that with this option, Harold’s approach is not to run your campaign, but he will, as appropriate, train and advise you and your leaders in strategy and technique. This benefits you by giving you affordable advice and helping you build an organization that can run the campaign on its own.


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