Harold D. Thomas is a popular speaker who is widely recognized as an expert on citizen activism. Harold enjoys bringing his simple, folksy approach to topics that are often boring, academic, and complicated. Harold can show the members of your group how to: 1) Support the causes that have a direct impact on them and those closest to them, 2) Make their city, state, and/or country a better place for everyone. Harold is equally comfortable with small and large audiences.

He has two standard presentations for service clubs and other community organizations:

A Bit Political

In A Bit Political, Harold will show your group how they can change the world in 60 seconds by logging on to the Internet and following some proven techniques to make a positive impact on the issues your members most care about.

The Purple Platform

Tired of all the political wrangling that fails to solve real problems? In The Purple Platform, Harold will show your group a different way of thinking about political issues – one that respects all political perspectives, but is focused on solving real problems.

Harold can customize each presentation for a length between 20 and 60 minutes.

He will also be happy to work with you on special content to meet your group’s needs; but be advised that he will not advocate for partisan causes or specific issues.

Past appearances

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A Bit Political

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We also offer two-hour seminars!


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