Who Is Harold Thomas?

Harold Thomas 70 ppiHarold D. Thomas started A Bit Political because he has always had a passion for politics and government. He graduated from Ohio Northern University with distinction in political science.

He twice ran for public office in Canton, Ohio. He lost both races without getting muddy. As co-founder of the City Club of Canton, he helped provide a forum for presenting opposing viewpoints on political, social, and economic issues. The other co-founder was an activist for the other major party. They remained close friends for more than 30 years.

For four years, he was executive director of a county political party organization, where he recruited and trained candidates for municipal and county office, advising them on campaign strategy and tactics, and providing support such as phone banks and opinion polling. He used his writing skills to edit the newsletter and write campaign publications. Harold also prepared the party’s financial disclosure reports and planned dinner events for up to 1,000 people, which attracted well-known state and national political figures as keynote speakers.

Harold was finance director for a statewide judicial campaign, and several state senate candidates benefited from his work with elections databases and opposition research.

He retired in August 2013 as a business analyst for the State of Ohio. In that position, state law barred him from involvement in partisan politics; but he discovered that his professional skill as a business analyst helped him view politics as a process for solving social problems. Twenty years of research culminated in 2012 in his groundbreaking book Governing Ourselves.

Harold enjoys traveling and speaking about the issues here at A Bit Political. He also sings bass in his church choir and the Columbus Swiss Chorus, where he enjoys singing in five different languages, one of which is an unpronounceable dialect of German – and no, he does not yodel. He spends his free time reading and going on walks.

In all of his activity, Harold is driven to empower others to find their own voice and use it for the benefit of the world.