What Is Purple Politics?

Purple Politics is viewing politics as a system that works for solutions to social problems by honoring all three of the major streams of thought in American politics: the conservative, the libertarian, and the progressive. This idea is summarized in the Purple Platform:

The Purple Platform

We have seen what polarization has done to our country. 

We believe that our political system can do better by returning to the values of our Founding Fathers: 

  • People over ideology
  • Collaboration over confrontation
  • Personal freedom over governmental control
  • Proven wisdom over experimental policies
  • Local control over uniform regulation

We expect our fellow citizens and elected officials to keep these values in mind when they propose solutions to the serious economic and social problems our country faces.

The Purple Politics category in our blog is intended to provide a sandbox for creative political ideas that will transcend the narrow partisanship of our time. Please feel free to comment and to suggest ideas for Purple Politics posts.

A longer introduction to Purple Politics appears here.

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