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About the site

1. What is A Bit Political?

A Bit Political is the first non-partisan “political portal.” It’s designed to give busy Americans the information, resources, and encouragement they need to get more involved politically. In other words, A Bit Political is here to help you find your voice and fight for the cause(s) you believe in. We’ll show you how to make the biggest difference in the smallest amount of time – with the least amount of effort.

Founded by former political activist Harold D. ThomasA Bit Political is the go-to place for Americans who want to: 1) Fight for the causes(s) that have a direct impact on themselves and those closest to them, and/or 2) Make their city, state, and/or country a better place for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you’re already knowledgeable about the political process, or entirely new to it. It doesn’t matter how old or educated you are. And it doesn’t matter what your political or religious beliefs are. We can help. You don’t need to be frustrated by the political process anymore. With our help, you can make a difference.

2. What makes A Bit Political different from other political websites?

A Bit Political avoids partisan bias, does not take stands on specific issues, and is not a news organization. Instead, we are the friendly mentor who wants to help you reach your own political goals. A Bit Political will help you become more empowered politically by showing you how to be a more informed, active, and impactful citizen.

    • It is about YOU. We’re not here to promote our issues, we’re here to help you discover and promote yours. We do not promote policy positions.
    • It is non-partisan. A Bit Political doesn’t care about your political party or ideology.
    • It dedicates itself to helping you find your voice and making it heard.
    • It is easy to understand and “friendly” to those new to politics.
    • It is easy to navigate for people who are searching for issues, or for a political “role” that matches their interests, talents, and lifestyle.
    • You don’t have to know anything about history, the Constitution, politics, or economics to understand and use this site.
    • It is the fastest way for you to learn what you need to know to participate effectively in the political process.

3. What’s your mission?

We’re here to show you:

    • How to find your cause(s) if you haven’t already done so.
    • The different “roles” that you can choose from to get involved and make a difference. We’ll also show you how to choose the role that will best fit your lifestyle, schedule, and personality.
    • How the politics connected to your cause actually work. Understanding this will help you make more of a difference. We present this information in a conversational, non-academic way.
    • How to process information using critical thinking, fact-checking, and evaluation skills.
    • What you need to know about history, to understand the issues you’re passionate about. We minimize the dates and data, preferring to focus mostly on the trends that brought us to where we are today.
    • Inspirational stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
    • And now and then, we’ll just have a little fun.

About Harold

4. Why are you doing this?

For many years, I have been concerned about the helplessness many Americans feel about their political system. Our Founding Fathers designed a system to respond to the will of the people, yet too many of us have left politics to the “professionals.” Many people have come to believe that our problems are best solved on the federal level, instead of making better use of our local and state governments, and that one lonely citizen cannot make a difference. With the right information, which I will provide, the reader will find that one citizen really can make a difference!

5. What qualifies you to do this?

I have a lifelong passion for politics. I was a political science major in college, with a master’s in foreign service. I have twice been a candidate for local office and have worked on several campaigns in various capacities. I have also worked inside state government, and understand the complexity, and often frustration, of the state-federal government relationship. (My biographical sketch provides additional details).

6. Why aren’t you promoting your political beliefs?

Actually, I am promoting one of them – decentralism, the idea that the federal and state governments should have limited powers and responsibilities, but that people should have as much or as little local government as they desire.

7. But this site isn’t liberal or conservative or anything…

My experience has shown that I do not have all the answers. Everyone has ideas  they can bring to the table, if they are first welcomed to that table. The best answers will come when people of all political persuasions come together to solve our social problems (some, but not all, of which will require the hand of government). I want to help people find their political voice and give them the tools to help them turn their ideas into action.

8. What is your professional background?

I am a business analyst. A business analyst helps business people decide how they want to change their process, to make it more efficient and effective. Since this usually involves a computer system, I write the requirements the business group gives me in a way that helps programmers write the systems and testers to test it. My experience as a business analyst has stressed the importance of identifying all the stakeholders (people affected by the process) and making sure that the requirements meet their needs. In my world, the best solutions get consensus from all the stakeholders.

Combining business analysis with my political experience, it made perfect sense for me to create a website like A Bit Political to help people make their voices heard in the political system.

9. Why aren’t you running for office?

I love my wife, who told me years ago that if I ran again, it would be grounds for divorce. 🙂

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