Beware of hypocrites in politics!

At first, the title might seem a bit silly. It’s like saying “beware of drunks in a bar” or “beware of thrill seekers in an amusement park.” It’s something to be expected. And one of the problems in American politics is that it is something to be expected. Way too often. A case in point: Josh Duggar For two years ending with his resignation last month, Mr. Duggar, 27, was executive director of...

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Actor’s grandson gets A Bit Political

Can you make an impact on your community when you’re almost fresh out of college? James Duke Mason is 23 years old, the grandson of actor James Mason. Mickey Boardman at Papermag recently interviewed him. His parents were on both sides of the political spectrum: His father Morgan worked in the Reagan White House, while his mother, singer Belinda Carlisle, is more progressive in her...

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Project Fierce Chicago: Creative fundraising for homeless youth

It’s a hard life being homeless. Especially when you’re young, from an abusive family, on the streets of Chicago, and gay. And, oh yes, the winters in the Windy City can get pretty wicked. Last year in Chicago, 30 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transsexual (LGBTQ) youth died of the cold. Existing homeless shelters are overcrowded, and LGBTQ youth are especially vulnerable to violence,...

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