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How Americans govern themselves differently from other countries

Comparative government is a discipline in political science that helps us understand the workings of different political systems. People in many nations throughout the world enjoy personal freedom and can vote for their elected leaders, but the structure of their government is different from ours. By learning a little bit about their forms of government, we can better understand the advantages...

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What motivates people to participate in politics?

Last year, Gerry Stoker at the British Academy for Humanities and the Social Sciences published a study suggesting that voters might be more interested in politics if they sensed that politics was improving — that is, that the system be more open and perceived as fairer than it is now. While the Prof. Stoker studied only British voters, the attitudes he observed tend to apply generally...

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You cannot have free government without free speech

… for people of all political persuasions. University of London (England) students wrote a letter to the university president in protest against the forced removal of a student selling the socialist student newspaper Worker’s Liberty. According to the article from Worker’s Liberty, “This sort of thing is not unusual on university campuses these days. But a rule against...

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